WoVO Week

How many things have you nurtured through thick ‘n’ thin for five solid years? WoVO is that kind of “thing”…that kind of committment.

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…Just Days

WoVOCon Registration Deadline at Current Price (then $50 more) Day(s) : Hour(s) : Minute(s) : Second(s) Not to beat a dead horse… but to beat the deadline and attend one of the best VO conferences of the year, you’re down to a matter of days and hours.... read more

13 Days…and Counting

OK, I admit it, I’m totally biased about WoVO.  Of course I am.  I’m a founder and the current president. With over 800 members, World-Voices Organization is now more than just a cozy little group of like-minded souls.  It’s a... read more

Long Live Atlanta…

…until 2018. Now what?  There’s a lot of 2017 left! Gerald Griffith pulled off a masterful and edifying voice over conference again.  500+ newcomers and seasoned pros made the scene, and made memories.  I’m still smiling. But you know... read more

III was Thrilling

As I write this, the only business yet to handle from WoVOCon III is April’s board meeting.People began arriving Wednesday, and some won’t leave until the end of the week (the Nat’l Assoc of Broadcasters -NAB – convention is in town).At nearly... read more


…to the WoVOCon weekend.In a couple of days, members of our growing organization will be arriving.Their pilgrimage to the 3rd annual meeting in Las Vegas is testimony to the desire for VO community.  After all, VO Atlanta happened a scant 6 weeks... read more

Yes, We Mean “World”

In April, World-Voices Organization will celebrate 4 years of existence during its third annual Conference.  We know we’re USA-born, but our intent has always been to embrace all countries, all cultures, any language.  The voiceover community may be... read more

Oh, This is Gonna Be Good!

Yesterday the official registration opened up for WoVOCon-3 in Las Vegas.WoVoCon is the annual gathering of the faithful.  Any of our ~630 members can attend.  We hope they all do, ’cause when that many passionate voice actors get together,... read more


Since 2007, I figure I’ve attended some 20 voiceover conferences.  Yeah…crazy isn’t it?  I counted it up on my fingers three times just to be sure.  I’d agree with you if you think that I’m some kind of nut, or hog for... read more

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