III was Thrilling

by | Apr 17, 2016 | WoVOCon

IMG_8860SMALLERAs I write this, the only business yet to handle from WoVOCon III is April’s board meeting.

People began arriving Wednesday, and some won’t leave until the end of the week (the Nat’l Assoc of Broadcasters -NAB – convention is in town).

At nearly 150 attendees plus spouses and friends visiting for the WoVOCon conference, this is by far our most successful, and I don’t mean just in terms of numbers.  In fact, some are already lamenting the fact that our first WoVOCon was much more “intimate” at around 50 attendees.  That’s actually true, but I must say that 150 attendees also has its advantages.

WoVO exists to help voice actors realize their dreams of fulfilling a CAREER in voice acting.  As such, even associate members are welcomed as professionals.  As with most VO conferences, the level of conviviality and friendship is beyond superlative.  However, the added enhancement to a WoVO conference, is that all members are shareholders in the organization, and as such contribute to and benefit from it’s progress and successes.

surpsies guest VO Coach & Producer Nancy Wolfson

surprise guest VO Coach & Producer Nancy Wolfson

To that end, one of the highlights of the event for me was Sunday’s 3-hour long shareholders’ meeting; an open discussion, Q&A, and free comment session that helps the WoVO board set sites for tomorrow.

The other highlight of the event was Saturday’s session moderated by LA-based Pro voice actor Paul Pape that included the visits of SAG-AFTRA representatives.  We were honored that they considered our conference to be a place where they could get honest feedback, and hear ideas for ways the union could best help voice-actors approach new challenges in the marketplace.IMG_8816-smaller

Through it all was the spontaneous conversations and fun gatherings that mark ANY voiceover get-togethers.  I’m sorry to have missed the karaoke session Saturday night, and I am always sad to find out some members had left without my getting a goodbye hug.  These things happen as a result of time smaller-unionconstraints and making choices in priorities.

Am I exhausted?  Yes.  Elated?  Even more so than tired!

Thanks to one and all for your support of this event, whether you were able to attend or not.  Many many pictures are available to view on the WoVO Members Only FaceBook Page, so please take time to view and comment. 

If you could not attend, here is your invitation to come next year, as we are almost certain to do so.

Now, I rest… a rest born out of knowledge that this was a job well done!




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