Long Live Atlanta…

by | Mar 23, 2017 | World-Voices.org, WoVOCon

…until 2018.

Now what?  There’s a lot of 2017 left!

Gerald Griffith pulled off a masterful and edifying voice over conference again.  500+ newcomers and seasoned pros made the scene, and made memories.  I’m still smiling.

But you know what?…thousands of voice actors didn’t make it to Atlanta.  Some won’t go to a VO convention at all this year!  That’s a shame, because plenty of professional and personal growth happens at these things.

So let’s say you’ve got the budget, the will, the determination and the energy to go to a decent VO conference yet this year.  Time to plan.  



World-Voices Organization Conference #4.  WoVO.  Your voiceover industry trade association.  800 members strong and growing.  You’re a member, right?  ‘Cause you gotta be a member to come to WoVOCon.  Just go to this site:  http://www.world-voices.org, and apply. (scroll down a bit on the home page, and look for a big green button in the left column).

Actually, that’s the same URL to use to sign-up for the event itself.  There’s a huge box  to click on the home page at the top.  It’ll take you to all the pertinent information about the event:

  • the schedule
  • registration
  • hotel accommodations
  • sign-ups for master classes
  • list of sponsors
  • attendees

….and more.  

The early-bird pricing is $299.  That’s an acronym for $300.  At the end of April it gets more expensive, so do it now?

We’re again at the Tropicana Hotel and Resort right on the strip.  This venerable property has been extremely good to us with group pricing, so don’t try to finagle a better price anywhere.  Others have tried, and no one — not even Priceline or Trivago — can beat the rate our event coordinator was able to wrangle.  Speaking of which, that coordinator – Dustin Ebaugh – has been working on this program for months, and I can tell you we’re gonna have even better, roomier rooms to play in this year.

That’s all I’m going to reveal for now.  I’m on the conference committee, and I can tell  you we’ve got big plans for this thing.  It’s on the calendar for the last weekend in June, so yes, it’ll be hot…but we’ll be inside, and “The Trop” has an incredible resort pool.  1st class.

And I mentioned that Las Vegas is the #1 tourist destination in the USA for a reason, right?

‘Hope you’ll come!




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