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by | May 19, 2017 | VO Business, WoVOCon

WoVOCon Registration Deadline at Current Price (then $50 more)








Not to beat a dead horse… but to beat the deadline and attend one of the best VO conferences of the year, you’re down to a matter of days and hours.

WoVOCon IV in fabulous Las Vegas Nevada happens the last week of June, and we need to know the final number of people attending so we can make sure we have enough seats, rooms, meals, badges, tables, and parties.

Let’s recap:

  1. Low attendance price
  2. Low room rate
  3. Kick-butt sessions
  4. All your friends
  5. Karaoke
  6. Shareholder’s meeting
  7. Agents and coaches you’ll want to meet
  8. Tasty food
  9. Master classes
  10. Swag
  11. Cheap airfares
  12. Entertainment capital of the world
  13. Did I mention: all your friends?
  14. Latest trends
  15. Best hallway conversations available
  16. Much, much more

See this recent blog where I explain more about WoVOCon IV.

Pics from WoVOCon III

Real quick reminder. WoVOCon is for World-Voices Organization members only.  

There’s still time to register to join AND register for WoVOCon.  

Click here to do both.

Note: price increases by $50 after May 22nd deadline.
Also, no swag bag or T-shirt if registering after May 22nd.

Absolute final day to register:  June 15th



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