Oh, I’ve been trying to act like it’s a normal week, but all along WoVO’s been on my mind – in more ways than one.

Las Vegas even tried to seduce me into all the hoopla this week of celebrating its first professional sports team, the NHL Vegas Golden Kinghts...but it turns out WoVO’s had its own hoopla this week, AND WoVOCon too.

The three other guys you see in the pic with me there have been my steady companions for five years, and it turns out we continue to lead each other into new realms of growth.

Back in 2012, the four of us were packed into a car returning from a FaffCon dinner, and our conversation that very night directly led to the formation of World-Voices Organization.

5 YEARS!  How many things have you nurtured through thick ‘n’ thin for five solid years?  Not a day goes by without some involvement in its care and feeding.  Seriously.  Every day in the last 5 years I have attended to some matter pertaining to WoVO.

In that sense, I’m “all in”.   My reputation is tied to the success or failure of this organization.  I prioritize WoVO’s growth and mission in my life, often to the point where my VO work suffers.  My reward is knowing I’ve furthered the profession and the VO community in ways few get a chance to do.

In the next five days, others from the community we’ve created will join in to grow & learn from this association we’ve created.  This, also, is fulfilling in ways I couldn’t have anticipated.

Watch for pictures and notes from the conference here on this blog, on the WoVO Members-only FB group, and on Twitter & Instagram under the #WoVO or #WoVOCon4 hashtag.  Many of the first attendees will begin arriving today (Wednesday), and the final formal meetings won’t end until Monday around noon for those of us on the board.

Sunday, portions of our 2-hour “shareholder’s meeting” will be streamed live on the FB group.

Are YOU “all in”?  I hope so.  I hope people never doubt that our hearts are in the right place, regardless of mistakes along the way.  





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