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Sign Small III…to the WoVOCon weekend.

In a couple of days, members of our growing organization will be arriving.

Their pilgrimage to the 3rd annual meeting in Las Vegas is testimony to the desire for VO community.  After all, VO Atlanta happened a scant 6 weeks ago.  That conference was 400 strong, and WoVOCon-III doubles attendance from last year with 150 committed this year.

The weekend WoVO conference packs an incredible amount of information, opportunity, discussion, and sharing into 48 hours (with some special sessions on Friday).  Not to mention karaoke on Saturday night.

An interesting development in just the last month is a request from SAG-AFTRA to participate in a fact-finding session. WoVO has been pressing for some time, now, the growing concern over subscription services incursion in the marketplace.  We’ve been working in the background to gain the union’s attention to the matter, and now it appears they’re interested in knowing more.

Some other late additions to the schedule include a mic shootout, a session with Pat Fraley, support from Falcon Paymasters, and an appearance by  Of course, none of this would be possible without our premium sponsors, Edge Studio and VoiceZam.

Above all is a “shareholders meeting” Sunday.  We’re expecting some highly productive give ‘n’ take in a planning session to find out what our members want from the organization, and what WoVO needs from its members.  The timing is most crucial.  Closing in on 750 members, and preparing to hire our first paid staff member, World-Voices Organization is poised to jump to another level.

If you’re not attending, you’ll see the happenings on social media and some live media like FaceBook Live and Periscope.  A synopsis will follow in upcoming newsletters.

The weekend ends with a special Executive Board session Monday morning.  By then, our minds should be exploding with great ideas and momentum.

Expect some substantive movement in the weeks and months after WoVOCon-III.  Oh, we’ll have fun, and we’ll learn a lot, but more than that, we’ll grow this organization in ways that will benefit the greater VO community.

Looking forward to it!




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