FREE: 100+ Royalty-Free Music Tracks

To this date, probably my most-read blog is:  50+ Royalty-Free Stock Music Sites.It started out as just a list of trusted music download sites, but it grew…and Grew….and GREW.  Over the years I’ve added to it time and time again as various site... read more

A New “Take”

Don’t expect iOS and Android developers to grow weary of the endless proliferation of newer, better, faster, cleverer apps. There’s no downside for them, apps are money-makers, and they speak to the best of global innovation. I’ve tried to blog about... read more

USB Mic Roundup

Electronic Musician magazine is a treasure-trove.  Sure, it’s written for musicians, audiophiles, producers and engineers, but its pages are full of the same kind of stuff we voice-actors are interested in. The digital website is here.  It’s... read more

10% Off ProductionTrax Media

Every once in a while — and usually in a panic — you need a music bed, or some sound effects to finish a project.  It’s good to have in your pocket, a go-to site that can deliver what you need. ProductionTrax is often that go-to site for me. ... read more

The Blog That Keeps On Giving

Back in May of 2010,  I sat down to my computer in the wee hours of the night and wondered what the heck I was gonna blog about that day. Just then, that gene decided to express itself.  You know…the one that often makes me feel fulfilled when I make a LIST of... read more

Free Sound Clips

No other blog I’ve written has garnered the attention as the one titled:  “50+ ROYALTY-FREE STOCK MUSIC SITES” Since publishing that in May of last year, I’ve had to augment the list to add more and more links. Typically, I’m contacted by... read more

Music Packs

Ever since I blogged 50+ Royalty-Free Stock Music Sites in May of last year, I’ve had to revisit the site again and again with updates. Apparently this is a pretty competitive market segment, and all the sites I DIDN’T put on the list would send me their... read more

Another Royalty-Free Music Site

Back in May of this year, I blogged a list of 50+ top Royalty-Free Music sites. The blog has legs.  I’ve had to continually add new sites as competing services find my list and realize they aren’t on it. The latest is Direct Composer. I have not tried this... read more

50+ Royalty-Free Stock Music Sites

Have I mentioned I’m a prodigious list-maker? I am….my shrink has yet to explain the significance. With Google around, it may seem a moot point, but then again, Google only provides search results, and the list I have here today is sifted, winnowed,... read more

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