USB Mic Roundup

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Mics, Music

em-cElectronic Musician magazine is a treasure-trove.  Sure, it’s written for musicians, audiophiles, producers and engineers, but its pages are full of the same kind of stuff we voice-actors are interested in.

The digital website is here.  It’s filled with links, resources and articles.

As a journalist, I’ve managed to finagle a comp’d subscription to the online version of the magazine as well, and I can tell you, the latest edition has a “Mic Face-Off” cover story that’s quite thorough.

You can subscribe to the magazine at the emusician site…but you may not have to for all the great resources there are on the website, free-of-charge.

…resources like the USB Mic RoundUp story.  It was written in June of this year, so it’s fairly recent, and solid with lots of information.  It evaluates several offerings including the Blue Spark Digital, the Apogee MiC, and the Shure PG42, among others.




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