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by | Mar 31, 2011 | Music

Ever since I blogged 50+ Royalty-Free Stock Music Sites in May of last year, I’ve had to revisit the site again and again with updates.

Apparently this is a pretty competitive market segment, and all the sites I DIDN’T put on the list would send me their link to be added to the list.  That’s why the blog has been augmented several times (scroll to the bottom).

One of the additions was Direct Composer.  Andrew Oye of the site just emailed me again the other day to ask for a little help from people like voice over artists to evaluate a new service on his site.

Here’s what he wrote:  “…I’m looking to get feedback on it from industry professionals.  It’s something a little different than other companies in that I am offering song construction packs of music on my site. Basically it’s an editors dream as the music is already chopped into timed sections with multiple mixes allowing seamless and quick scoring to voice or images.  I posted a little vid of it here.

You can go directly to the page on Direct Composer, Oye has described, the video is embedded there as well.

Is this something you can use?




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