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Ever since I blogged 50+ Royalty-Free Stock Music Sites in May of last year, I’ve had to revisit the site again and again with updates.

Apparently this is a pretty competitive market segment, and all the sites I DIDN’T put on the list would send me their link to be added to the list.  That’s why the blog has been augmented several times (scroll to the bottom).

One of the additions was Direct Composer.  Andrew Oye of the site just emailed me again the other day to ask for a little help from people like voice over artists to evaluate a new service on his site.

Here’s what he wrote:  “…I’m looking to get feedback on it from industry professionals.  It’s something a little different than other companies in that I am offering song construction packs of music on my site. Basically it’s an editors dream as the music is already chopped into timed sections with multiple mixes allowing seamless and quick scoring to voice or images.  I posted a little vid of it here.

You can go directly to the page on Direct Composer, Oye has described, the video is embedded there as well.

Is this something you can use?




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  1. Richard "DarkspARCS" Nelson

    Greetings Dave!

    As someone who’s been involved in sound editing for over 12 years now within the interactive application industry, I can tell you that there are pros and cons to ‘full flavor’ music packs that involve either a multi channel constuction interface or a ‘piece together’ timeline.

    The pros are that you have the sound needed to construct a sound track, which some would think saves time, however, it does not, but to the contrary pitch, fades, and volume dynamics all need adjustments done, as well as ambient reverb added to match the needed audio interface that matches the given scenic (i.e.: vast underground parking lot, and revebing the music to represent the location vs. alterations needed as the scenic changes to, lets say, an elevator lobby FROM the parking lot, which obviously is a lot smaller space than the parking lot, and then to the elevator, which obviously is a lot smaller than the lobby).

    Another thing to consider when dealing with music packs is that these piece together sound packs only represent one soundtrack, that obviously can be pieced together in limited ways. Notice the word limited, as the next composer / editor who buys the same sound pack from the same source now must somehow create an alternative version of the sound track to not get involved with legal issues from other locations who now have branded the track to thier venture…

    And how many composers/ editors collaborate amongst themselves to ensure copyright infringement won’t hinder thier project?


    One way a digital editor/ composer can profit from the acquisition of these packs is use them to create personal orchestration libraries they can then pick and choose from, as a lot of times music packs will offer instrumental sections that perfectly blend with others, from other artists. Once again however, pitch, channel, sample, and format discrepancies between the various sound clips will ALWAYS have to be addressed and reworked to bring them all into a specified parameter so that you can then actually work them interactively.

    There's alot more that can be said about this, however, I'll leave off on it and change direction slightly on the types of INSTRUMENTAL packs editors/ composers should instead look into embracing as now you have an instrument library bank that offers a full spectrum of instrument type (strings, brass, woodwinds, etc…), format (staccato, solo, quartet, etc. ), that too can offer many alternative variants (spacious, chamber, orchestration, arena, etc…).

    Obviously, when dubbing in the actual Voice track(s), the music MUST match the ambient space surrounding that voice to complete the reality of a given production…

    Editors do alot of work lol, but are proven sheer genius!

    • CourVO


      Wow! Quite a meaty and fact-filled reply! Thanks, Richard…I need to bring you on as technical consultant!

      Have a great weekend!

      Dave Courvoisier

      • Richard "DarkspARCS" Nelson

        lol! For you Dave, anything!


        With my extensive research into fair use copyright laws, and laws governing other aspects of the industry I'm sure my consultancy would have alot of merit from someone as mindful as you Dave.

        On a humorous side, while not in consultation with you, I could get on my Elmer Fudd costume and go hunt for more sound effects…DUHUHUHUHUHUH… 🙂 (HEY!… who told you you could record me! Darn, now the popporazzi are gonna plaster me all over the front page of the Inquirer) <— my 15 seconds of fame, lmao!


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