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by | Aug 6, 2014 | Music, Web Resources

royaltyfreeEvery once in a while — and usually in a panic — you need a music bed, or some sound effects to finish a project.  It’s good to have in your pocket, a go-to site that can deliver what you need.

ProductionTrax is often that go-to site for me.  It’s certainly not the only site that can promise the goods.  I’ve done an extensive search of Royalty-Free music sites on the web, and the resulting list is by far the most-visited blog I’ve ever written.  I’ve consistently added to it as new sites are suggested to me. See:  50+ Royalty-Free Music Sites.  The second most popular blog I ever wrote is the similar: 36+ Top Sound Effects Sites.

Anymore, a lot of these sites have both music and sound-effects libraries, plus stock video footage and stock photo resources too.  ProductionTrax is now morphed into that kind of a site, and it’s recently had a big make-over to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary.  The site is engaging, clean, and intuitive…and no, they are giving me nothing to sing their praises…I just like their service.

Especially since they’re offering a 10% discount on any media you buy on the site between now and August 14th.

Here’s your coupon:


Take a look around.  Kick the tires. I think you’ll like what you see.




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