Not that long ago, I posted a blog listing scores of Royalty-Free Music sites.  The response was hearty.

The other day, I had need of a “busy street scene crowd background sound”, and went searching.


And it occurred to me a similar list of sites may be helpful for those needing a )))THWACK(((   or a  —– HONK —-  of the sound of a Mosquito in your ear.

Below, then, an incomplete but irreplaceable list of some of the top royalty-free sound effects sites out there.  I’m not sayin’ they’re free (although some are) …but they do seem to get a lot of traffic.

Please…send me the names and a link of YOUR favorite sound-effects site that I missed, and I’ll add it to the list.   ——CourVO

  1. Partners in Rhyme
  2. Hollywood Edge
  3. Sound Ideas
  4. SFX Source
  5. A1 Free Sound Effects
  6. Film
  7. Sound Effects Shop
  8. Sound Dogs
  9. Sound Snap
  10. Sound Effects Library
  11. Audio Network
  12. Production Trax
  13. 1SoundFX
  14. SoundFX
  15. Movie Sound Clips
  16. Sound Effects
  17. Soungle
  18. Royalty Free Sound Effects
  19. ProSound Effects
  20. Sonomic
  21. CuePop
  22. NeoSounds
  23. EarthStation1
  24. StoneWashed
  25. Digital Juice
  26. ShockWave-Sound
  27. Renaissance SFX
  28. Royalty Free Heaven
  29. BlastWave FX
  30. FreeLibraryMusic
  31. AudioMicro
  32. LoopSound
  33. Bohemian Passport
  34. SonyCreative
  35. AllMusicLibrary
  36. Music Bakery
  37. FreeSound



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