A New “Take”

by | Oct 3, 2014 | Apps, Music

takeDon’t expect iOS and Android developers to grow weary of the endless proliferation of newer, better, faster, cleverer apps.

There’s no downside for them, apps are money-makers, and they speak to the best of global innovation.

I’ve tried to blog about every worthwhile audio app and program to come down the pike.  Some folded right away, some lasted a little longer, and some are still around with new and improved products.  All good!  Capitalism at work!

 Of course, I know I’ve missed a good many cool apps over the years, ’cause so many are designed and IMG_5049marketed for musicians or singers or producers.  Such is the case with Propellerhead’s “TAKE“: Creative Vocal Recorder.

Take is also meant for musicians and singers, but is the most full-featured app for vocalizing I’ve ever seen that’s free.  I has more functions than other apps that are costly.

IMG_5050Be sure to watch the tutorials and even go online for the manual to understand the heart of this app.  I can tell you, though, that it can be dead simple and quick to record a voice track and send it. 

If you want to add beats, rhythms, harmonies, sounds, extra tracks and even some effects, yes, you can do that too.

I forsee it’s use for voice-actors as a tool to quickly record and send an audition or audio sample. 

Got musician friends?  Singer friends?…they’ll want to know about this cool app…if nothing else, lots of fun just noodling with it.  At this point, I only see it available for iOS…not Android.

Have a great weekend!




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