Transcribe Your Audio on Video

Hmmm, not sure what happened there, but Tuesday’s blog ended up being deleted.   I’ll chalk it up to new website blues.  Regardless, I’m posting it again for those who missed it. Video Transcribing App from Dave Courvoisier on Vimeo. The app is by... read more

A New “Take”

Don’t expect iOS and Android developers to grow weary of the endless proliferation of newer, better, faster, cleverer apps. There’s no downside for them, apps are money-makers, and they speak to the best of global innovation. I’ve tried to blog about... read more

Steinberg + iPad = Cubasis

Just the other day someone posted in an online forum with the question: “What are the best apps to record and edit audio on an iOS system”.  I haven’t done the research, but probably scores of apps will record your audio…but not many will let... read more

4 Apps Too Good NOT to Mention

One of the main reasons I wrote the book “More Than Just a Voice” is to put the spotlight on the more hidden skills you have to develop to be a successful freelance voice-actor.  People think they can get there on great pipes and a USB mic.  What they fail... read more

5 Ways VO’s Can Use Evernote: Part 2

Seriously, I’m having trouble keeping the list to just 10 tips (Monday and today).  If you haven’t read it yet, check out Monday’s blog with Part 1, 5 Ways VO’s Can Use Evernote.  There are some helpful links to get you started. Honestly, I... read more

5 Ways VO’s Can Use EverNote: Part 1

Don’t think  you can pass by this blog today ’cause you already use Evernote.  I was among  the first 275,000 users to subscribe to Evernote (2008), and I gotta tellya… these folks DO. NOT. STOP.  They have so many things in new to the market or in... read more

Get It On the Record

Some voice talents ask for signed written contracts, and/or require payment up front before they start on a project with a new client. I can certainly see the wisdom of that, especially if you’ve been burned on a job along the line somewhere.  Their argument is... read more

Source-Connect for iOS

One of the big catch-phrases at this year’s CES in Las Vegas was “wearable computing”;  the integration of the machine and the human…if not on our clothing, then somehow inserted in our bodies.  Any cyborg comparisons notwithstanding... read more

Android Tablet vs. Studio DAW

Android devices have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to quality audio recording. For the better part of two years, hardware and app designers have been coming up with elegant solutions for passable voice recordings on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).  I’ve... read more

Audio Evolution Mobile and USB Audio Recorder PRO for Android

Until recently, iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) enjoyed a monopoly on mobile recording software and hardware solutions for voice-actors.  I’ve written numerous times on the latest gizmos to come down the pike, and the apps that attend to them. However, with a rise... read more

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