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source-connect-aOne of the big catch-phrases at this year’s CES in Las Vegas was “wearable computing”;  the integration of the machine and the human…if not on our clothing, then somehow inserted in our bodies.  Any cyborg comparisons notwithstanding (3-of-7?)…this idea actually has acceptance and a market.

Not quite yet…at least not in a practical & affordable sense.

But make no mistake, the ubiquitous miniaturized computer you already have in your hand — the smartphone, tablet, or “phablet” — is a giant step forward in that evolution that started with the desktop, continued in the laptop, the PDA, then made the jump to MOBILE.

The voice-over community began clamoring for quality mobile recording apps before the News Release for the iPad was barely published.  Android apps followed in time. (See my blog:

Even microphone manufacturers, and all manner of 3rd-party devices have catered to this market (Blue Mics, MicPortPro, Alesis iOdock, Apogee, etc.).  Clearly, if it was up to voice-actors, we’d jump to the smallest size recording configuration possible with the caveat that it still come fairly close to the sound from our studios.  (Dan Lenard: it’s really about your recording environment anyway!)

Sheesh, if we could just some how put ISDN, Source-Connect, SoundStreak, or IpDtL on our smartphones…wouldn’t THAT be cool?

Actually Luci Live already meets that challenge (see my blog: Meet Luci Live).  The app is $350 at last check, though… so not really for everybody (altho, there is a $30 version worth checking out).

Now enters a name we all know as having a reliable track-record in this realm:  Source-Elements.

I had a conversation with the always-helpful Source Connect tech support yesterday.  Actually, they were kind enough to just check in with me to follow-up on a call I made late last week.  In the course of the conversation, the support person mentioned they were close to releasing an early version of Source-Connect for iOS.

Well, you can guess my ears went up!

A subsequent email offered the statements below…given with full knowledge that I would blab it all over my blog and the social media space for voice-actors.  There are not a lot of specifics, but certainly some confidence that they’re very close to something a great many of us would love to get our hands on, no?

Please pay attention to the last line if you’d like to consider being a tester for this new functionality.



We’re close to a private beta of a new service called “Source-Connect Now”,  allowing you to do professional real-time audio via the Chrome web browser, and soon iOS and Android phones. This is an extension of developments from our new Source-Live Gateway that we showed at AES in October last year. 

While it’s in beta it will be limited so we welcome to hear from any advanced Source-Connect users wanting to try it, and we’ll be announcing a public beta soon after that. While currently offering browser-to-browser connectivity, the full vision is to operate seamlessly with Source-Connect and possibly more.

Because this doesn’t require an iLok and it will be an attractively priced subscription-based plan, it will very useful tool to the VO artists where something as fully featured as Source-Connect isn’t required yet will still offer interoperability with Source-Connect itself. While a browser-based solution does not provide a VST/Pro Tools/AudioUnits plug-in interface, Source-Connect Now is already fully functional with our new Source-Nexus plug-in for Pro Tools on Mac OSX, should a talent need to integrate Source-Connect Now with their audio workstation.

We’re really excited to be able to announce this and welcome anyone who’d like to be part of the upcoming beta to try Source-Connect Now.



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