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VO Rates Roundtable

Don’t fault me or WoVO for focusing so much on voiceover compensation rates lately.  We’re only trying to keep up with the crazy pace of this industry.  No one topic garners more interest among freelance voice actors than this issue. World-Voices... read more

Pudding Proof FAILURE… (and a WoVOChat invite)

To recap:   1)  Last week I called to task a certain hi-profile VO coaching school for utilizing a series of increasingly rude autoresponder emails to coerce wannabe VO talent to sign-up for their program. [WHEN DOES AN OFFER BECOME OFFENSIVE?] 2) I followed up the... read more


What’s the old saying?  “Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice, shame on me”.This has been a week of discovery, admonition, and contrition.  Tuesday, I came down hard on what I believed to be a certain sector of the coaching marketplace that... read more

The Antidote

Clearly, the topic in yesterday’s blog touched a nerve.  See: “When Does an Offer Become Offensive”Nearly 800 readers voted with their visit.  This is an issue people in our business care about…or they should.That was inconsiderate of me,... read more

When Does an Offer Become Offensive?

There is no VoiceOver University.  There’s not one single higher learning institution with a curriculum major that results in a VoiceOver Bachelor’s Degree…to my knowledge.That’s why there’s the Nancy Wolfsons and Pat Fraleys and Marice... read more

P2P SlideShare

Are you familiar with SlideShare? Acquired by LinkedIn not that long ago, SlideShare is an online service that lets you share your presentations.  Upload or download in almost any format  (Keynote, PowerPoint, etc), and share to almost anywhere.  The free service is... read more

LA is Nice This Time of Year…

….and so is the opportunity to sit in on a worthwhile VO workshop this weekend. Why worthwhile?  ‘Cause it’s being organized by Bill DeWees!  For quite some time, now, Bill has been working quietly behind the voice-over scenes as a real force in the... read more

15+ Dialects Sites

English is the only language I speak.  Sure, I’m jealous of my VO friends who speak two or more languages…they’re more marketable…but I still feel like I’m learning English! So how hard can it be to learn a few dialects (in English), and... read more

Seminar Excerpt: CourVOisier on Social Media

Everybody’s favorite voice over business coach, and prolific YouTube trainer — Bill DeWees — is finally getting out ‘n’ about. Bill and I are both introverts.  Seriously.   And besides being uncomfortable in the limelight, Bill is just... read more

Wolfson Wisdom

A gift. Just the other day, Nancy Wolfson handed over a gift we all can use.  Something she had prepared for another publication that went unused.  “Why waste it?” she said.  “Dave, can you put it in your blog?”  Ah…gee… I really... read more

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