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fraley-cTwo Things:


Anytime Pat Fraley shows up in Las Vegas, it’s a good thing.

Everybody’s favorite VO Coach is making his appearance in So NV in early  October for an AudioBook Narration Master Session.  ‘Not sure how Pat does it, but no matter how many times you’ve studied with him, he makes you feel like it’s your first.  If you’ve NEVER studied with him, then please come and know the joy of being able to list him as one of the premiere VO coaches you’ve studied under.

It’s Saturday, October 10th…and here’s what’s included:

 – Fiction & Nonfiction Narration Skills
– Recordings may be used on demos
– Guidance to join the New Random House/Penguin Narrator’s Database

Pat tells me there’s only a couple of seats left, so check out the details here:

…and enroll by contacting Pat here:  [email protected]


Next Tuesday, Anne Ganguzza and I are hosting our 3rd R.A.D.A.R. (Rates and Digital Ad Reform) Roundtable.  These things are awesome, ’cause we get incredible panelists, and all we do is sit around and share the current wisdom on the situation with voiceover rates in the world right now.  The conversations range far and wide, and you learn a ton, just listening.  Here are the links to the first two:

This is the first Roundtable discussion, though, where we’re inviting people to join us LIVE for that hour to listen-in, and even ask questions of our panelists through the chat channel on

Here’s the deal:   you must be a WoVO member, and we’re only accepting up to 25 onlookers.  I’ll send you details of how you can attend if you email me at [email protected].  First come, first served!  9-29-15 1pm Pacific for one hour.

The panel this time ’round is:

-Melissa Exelberth (talent)
-Nanci Washburn (talent agent)
-Brad Venable (WoVO board member/talent)
-JS Gilbert (talent)
-Jay Britton (talent)
-Tim Keenan (talent/producer)
-Anne Ganguzza (host)
-Dave Courvoisier (host)
(one other expert, still pending)





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