LA is Nice This Time of Year…

by | Feb 4, 2015 | Coaching, Training/Education

la….and so is the opportunity to sit in on a worthwhile VO workshop this weekend.

Why worthwhile?  ‘Cause it’s being organized by Bill DeWees!  For quite some time, now, Bill has been working quietly behind the voice-over scenes as a real force in the business.  Just search his name on YouTube, and you’ll see the incredible wealth of information he freely gives.  Bill has also written a book on VO:  How to Start and Build a 6-Figure Voice-Over Business.  His site:  VoiceOver Playbook is a welcome resource for any voice actor at any level.

A year ago, Bill held a weekend workshop in Las Vegas, and I presented on the topic of Social Media.  Now I’m back to update the information, only at a session in Los Angeles this weekend.

You can find all the information, location, times, schedule, and registration links at

So far, the number of attendees will make this an intimate affair with personal access to all the presenters, and there are some dandy people speaking!

Bill has some proven success formulas that I haven’t seen elsewhere, and the cost for this workshop is most reasonable.  I hope to see you there.  In the meantime, check out this interview Bill did with me just days ago, where I discuss some of the things I’ll present at the workshop.

Thanks, Bill!




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