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Skype Real-Time Translator

Think synthetic voices aren’t a part of our reality yet? Check out Skype’s new feature, providing a real-time spoken word translation from one language to another.  Now, mind you…no one seems to be saying how well this works…but kudos to... read more

The Votes Are In….

…and World-Voices Organization has two new board members! They are familiar to most of you: Liz de Nesnera     Anthony Gettig   Both were approved by an overwhelming majority in a vote of the membership, and were nominated in the first place for a... read more

Voice Synth is Ba-a-a-a-ack

7 years ago, in October of 2009, I wrote a series of articles about the challenge presented to our business by artificial voices. See: Voice Synth…not just in the future Synthetic Voices – this time with digital code! ‘Touched a (Synthetic?) Nerve!... read more

October Rates Roundtable: Usage

We enter a world of arcane language, conflicting buyouts, and digital media streams this month on our Rates Roundtable. “Usage” was something agents handled for their talent…buffering them from predatory and unscrupulous clients — and they... read more

This Only Happens Once a Year

April 2012.  Four-and-a-half years ago WoVO was born. Today more than 800 voice actors are members of this organization, and we couldn’t be more proud of the progress we’ve made. Much of the last four years has been taken with laying groundwork.  Creating... read more

So Easy To Overlook

Thanks for putting up with my fluffy rural pictorial posts from last week.  It wasn’t all play…I did bring a portable recording set-up, and managed a couple of lucrative jobs in-between lazing on the porch.  🙄  But a number of other clients were remarkably... read more

3 Mindsets Every Voice Actor Must Have

Maybe you’re noticing it too.  A total erosion of people taking the high road. I’m not just talking about politics.  I’m talking about business ethics.  Where is the civility anymore? Well, lemme tell you it IS there.  The people who CARE and LOVE... read more

That Moment…

…when you have an interested new prospect, and they tell you they’ve never really hired a professional voice talent, ’cause they always use Alan when they need something recorded.  You know — Alan…down the hall. It’s a golden... read more

Gold in the VoiceOver Frontier

Philosophical differences are the toughest ones.  Just ask the Democrats and Republicans.  Both sides are forgetting that the people across the aisle are proud Americans…who see a possible future that’s different from the opposing viewpoint.  That... read more

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