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Oh, the Opportunities You Could Be Missing!

Christian Kolberg used to work for the local newspaper publisher.  Then he realized he had a knack for auctioneering.  That’s him to the right, and him with me on the far right at the recent “Chefs for Kids” Gala fundraiser…dressed... read more

Still Using a Beeper?

Of course not! You’re a fully-vested citizen of the 21st century.  Which means you understand 10-second attention spans, 140-character texts, and can explain the fascination with Kylie Jenner (so explain it to me willya?). How do you know you’re a... read more

Long Live Atlanta…

…until 2018. Now what?  There’s a lot of 2017 left! Gerald Griffith pulled off a masterful and edifying voice over conference again.  500+ newcomers and seasoned pros made the scene, and made memories.  I’m still smiling. But you know... read more

11 Signs You May Be a VO Pro

Does it matter?  Not really.  You don’t need ME to tell you if ‘n’ when you are a professional.  But increasingly, some people want to know if they’ve “made the grade”.  World-Voices Organization was inspired by... read more

December 2016 WoVO Rates Roundtable

. Listening to our astute panel for the December WoVO Rates Roundtable talk about the realities of being part of the Spanish-speaking and bilingual marketplace, I was struck by the sameness of their challenge for all voice-actors. Target audience Client relations... read more

Skype Real-Time Translator

Think synthetic voices aren’t a part of our reality yet? Check out Skype’s new feature, providing a real-time spoken word translation from one language to another.  Now, mind you…no one seems to be saying how well this works…but kudos to... read more

The Votes Are In….

…and World-Voices Organization has two new board members! They are familiar to most of you: Liz de Nesnera     Anthony Gettig   Both were approved by an overwhelming majority in a vote of the membership, and were nominated in the first place for... read more

Voice Synth is Ba-a-a-a-ack

7 years ago, in October of 2009, I wrote a series of articles about the challenge presented to our business by artificial voices. See: Voice Synth…not just in the future Synthetic Voices – this time with digital code! ‘Touched a (Synthetic?) Nerve!... read more

October Rates Roundtable: Usage

We enter a world of arcane language, conflicting buyouts, and digital media streams this month on our Rates Roundtable. “Usage” was something agents handled for their talent…buffering them from predatory and unscrupulous clients — and they... read more

This Only Happens Once a Year

April 2012.  Four-and-a-half years ago WoVO was born. Today more than 800 voice actors are members of this organization, and we couldn’t be more proud of the progress we’ve made. Much of the last four years has been taken with laying groundwork. ... read more

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