In 1985, I met the guy who shared my trip on the Oregon Trail last month.

Back then, we were both newsies.  He, an ass’t News Director; me, a fledgling anchor.

But it’s an excellent example of lasting relationships and the fruit that can bear.  

Brent Baader is retired from his last News Director job at a TV station in Sacramento, and now turning his considerable talents towards the making of documentaries.  I’m lucky enough to be his choice to narrate many of his excellent productions.

In September, we spent a week in the backcountry of Nevada and California chasing the well-known trail of hundreds of thousands of emigrants in the great Western migration of the 1840’s through 1870’s.  Some of those pioneers were chasing free land claims, others hoped for gold, but all probably had no idea of the challenges that lie before them as they crossed big sky country.

A final production telling THAT story is still in the works, but below is a short video introduction to the documentary we’re still producing.  I hope you enjoy it.





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