The DeWees Magic

This could spoil me…another Vegas weekend, another VO workshop! 2014 seems to be the year for ’em. Before the Spring is over, I will have attended four here in my home town. In a sense, local is good…because you can overdo the conference / meet-up /... read more

Join a Google+ VO HO

HO stands for Hang Out.  A Google Plus Hang Out. First you have to have a G+ account (it’s free), then you have to join or start a Hang Out (it’s free and fun). Hang outs are video conferencing for any number of people (although more than 10 gets... read more

Pick me! Pick me!

Legendary is the childhood schoolyard memory of anyone lining up on sides, and getting picked by a team captain. If you don’t go as a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd seed…let’s face — it you’re just an also-ran…or the wrong captain picks you, and... read more

Bob’s in the House

Fellow voice-actor Bob Ball stopped in to see me yesterday at the TV station during his visit to Las Vegas. I first met this Seattle-based VO during FaffCon in Portland in September.  A unabashed Apple supporter, Bob could be seen busy with his iPad and Bluetooth... read more

NY Mixer #3

Oh, you’re gonna wanna be there! Voice Talent Productions owner Erik Sheppard along with LindZ Reiss, with support from sponsors Edge Studio, Edge, and are throwing this big wingding…for the 3rd time in NYC. You can find... read more

Step It Up

Immersion. I’ve said it before.  I don’t know how else to go about pursuing my dream in Voice Overs without total immersion. Be, do, say, involve, hear, seek, relate, and otherwise absorb all things related to the field. I made another move in that... read more

FaffCon: The Unconference

Maybe you’ve noticed a fairly-new icon over on the right side of the blog. FaffCon ‘Old enough to remember the advertising splash 7-Up made with the “Uncola”?  Apparently, when something gets too predictably flavorless, adding an “un” prefix immediately brands... read more

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