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by | Apr 17, 2013 | Fun Stuff, Meet-Ups, Social Media/Networking, VO Community

google HOHO stands for Hang Out.  A Google Plus Hang Out.

First you have to have a G+ account (it’s free), then you have to join or start a Hang Out (it’s free and fun).

Hang outs are video conferencing for any number of people (although more than 10 gets complicated).  They include screen sharing, chat, sharing files, including YouTube videos, and doing screen capture.  If you do a public HO, it automatically gets saved and posted to YouTube.

Google Hang-Outs are quickly becoming a competitive challenge for other video conferencing outfits, including Skype — which charges for groups of 10.

But most of you know all this, and have probably participated in a HO, especially if you’re part of a FaffCon Stand-Up group.ganguzza

This blog is about a SPECIAL HO coming up later this month, that you may want to join in.

SoCal Voice Actor Anne Ganguzza hosts periodic meet-ups for voice over people.  They’ve become quite the happening.  This month, her guest will be Chuck and VO_PEEPS_BUZZ_WEEKLY_320_Stacey from VO Buzz Weekly.

But wait, there’s more!  Anne has arranged for a 3-camera shoot by a real pro at her meet-up, so they will be live streaming a switched multi-camera production of the meet-up.

But wait…there’s even more!  You can join in on a Google Hang Out that night.  In fact, Anne is hoping you WILL, and has laid out all the ways you can participate in a helpful Newsletter you can see here:

Be part of this happening.  You’ll learn a lot, have fun, and make yourself known to the world-wide community of voice actors, ’cause there are already RSVP’d talents from Turkey, Germany, England, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, …even Buffalo, NY!  You’ll recognize a lot of names like Joan Baker, Nancy Wolfson, Natalie Cooper, and lots more.  I’ll be there too! (yeah, big deal, Dave!)

Put it down the for the 27th of this month… that’s a Saturday…starting at 5:30pm PST




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