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My Most Surprising Excellent Start to the New Year

Sunday I was down.  I dislike January, and the start to any new year.  As I’ve explained before, that “fresh slate” doesn’t motivate me, it only reminds me of all that remained undone from the year before, and that ALSO does not... read more

Merry Christmas!

You have no idea how proud I am to be your voice-over friend.  Thank you for your loyalty in reading my blog.  I’m going to take about a week hiatus from blogging.  I’ll be spending time with family, and traveling to a cabin in Truckee/Tahoe... read more

Your Prime Directive Through March

This’ll be really simple, and you’ve heard it all before.  You just aren’t doing it, ’cause…well…we’re human…and we forget. 1.) Wash your hands. For proper technique…watch this video: 2.)  Don’t... read more

Live Announce…and More

Almost six years ago I wrote a blog about an up-and-coming voice actor in rural Georgia:  Forget NYC & LA. At the time, I didn’t know Kelley Buttrick at all.  I was just trying to show how a talent could utilize local media as a marketing tool, and... read more

Too Good Not to Share

Ever heard of Peter Shankman? He’s a gadabout, ADHD, brilliant Social Media and business entrepreneur personality and coach.  The guy gets around. He does seminars at all the right conferences, and is probably best known for his daily HARO newsletter. ... read more

Happy Labor Day!

To honor this day in respect of it’s official genesis, I’m going to stay in bed all day.  Only the TV station really wouldn’t appreciate that, and my VoiceOver clients wouldn’t either. In fact the spirit of this holiday is now lost in... read more

What Are YOUR Post-nominal Letters?

The popular thing these days is to load your resume with impressive-looking initials that indicate the position, degree, or honor that you have attained.  They’re called post-nominal letters.  For a classless society, it provides a sort of pedigree, I... read more

Dream It. Do It.

Motivational, Self-help, How-To, Inspirational training is the clichè’s clichè.  So ubiquitous is the genre that it used to demand entire sections of Borders Bookstore.  Now it surely must take up nearly 20% of the world’s bandwidth... read more

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