Do This One Thing Today (takes less than 5 secs)

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Fun Stuff | 8 comments

thanksSure, you have lots of “must-dos” this Tuesday. 

Gotta keep the spouse/partner/better-half happy. Brush your teeth.  Make phone calls.  Cut loads of auditions.  Go prospecting for jobs.  Fulfill obligations of all kinds.  Pick up the kids…whatever…

But somewhere, somehow, find the time to say THANK YOU to someone.

a client
the mailman
your neighbor
a perfect stranger
a producer
your mom
a store clerk

See?  The possibilities are endless.

Wanna go a step further?  OK, here’s your homework for extra credit:  Tell someone you appreciate them.

That’s actually more than just a thank you.  Right? 


Just think about the last time someone took the time to stop and say you did a good job, and they appreciated that. 


Mind blown! 

An extra spring in your step. 

A win!

Now, think about all the times you made a mental note to say that to someone and let it pass.  Opportunity lost!

It takes so little out of your hide to tell someone you appreciate them, but it means SO much to the object of that gratitude.

Oh…and there’s no payback for this.  The DOING of it is its own reward.




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  1. Howard Ellison

    So true, and nicely put. Early this morning brought a phonecall I believed to be from a girlfriend. So I responded with usual enthusiasm. Then it turned out it was the utility company, sorting out a billing issue! Well, she sounded so nice: why would I go all formal? So we laughed it off, enjoyed our brief and productive encounter and wished one another well. Yes, it left me with a little glow – maybe started her day nicely too.

    • CourVO

      What a great story, Howard! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Theresa Dodge

    Dave, Thank you! I appreciate you every morning with coffee – not every morning…but all week. You have been a great resource – hope someday our paths will cross. Damn, that felt good to say. 😊

    • CourVO

      Yeah, especially since I don’t like coffee! (Kidding!). Thanks for your comment, Theresa…you are always welcome!


  3. Johnny George

    Love this. Such a simple reminder of something we should be doing anyway, every day! Going to post your Blog on my page with full credit to you! Okee Dokee?

    • CourVO

      Johnny…. Thanks! That would be great! I’m glad it inspired you!


  4. David Brower

    DONE and THANK YOU my friend for all you do for our industry and especially for our friendship. With gratitude, David

  5. Jason

    Thank you!


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