Be the Bacon

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Fun Stuff, VO Business

Bacon Makes Everything Better

That must be what the marketing gurus in Manhattan are telling cooks, restaurants, fast food outlets, chefs, and fine eating establishments everywhere.

EVERYONE is getting on the bacon bandwagon!

….and who could blame them?  Who doesn’t like bacon?!  (with apologies to my vegan, Jewish orthodox, and Muslim friends).

The bible called Christians to be the salt of the earth, but that was back when salt was hard to come by.  Now, bacon has replaced salt.  Bacon is what makes things special.

I admit I’m biased. Without pork, I may not have made it to college.  That’s because I grew up on an Illinois farm, where raising/selling pigs buoyed the family budget.  There were anywhere from 100-200 of ’em behind fences on the farmyard on any given day.

But you don’t have to have been raised as I, to love bacon.

It’s meat candy!  C’mon…admit it!  Just looking at that picture above makes your mouth water, right?

Make your voice special. Sizzling. The perfect blend. So tasty just the sound of it is must-have. Just like bacon! Click To Tweet

So how can you “bring the bacon” to your voiceover auditions?  Carrying the metaphor (or is it a similie?) to its natural conclusion, you should adopt the attitude that with bacon sitting atop your already-sumptuous audition attempt, YOURS will be the mouth-watering, on-the-spot offering that can’t be denied!!!

Just BRING IT.  Make your voice special. Sizzling. The perfect blend.  So tasty just the sound of it is must-have.  Just like bacon!  All those other auditions being screened just have a bun, cheese, hamburger, ketchup and mustard (maybe pickle and onion)…but YOUR audition has BACON!

See what I mean?  it’s a mindset.  A mental image.  An attitude.

Need some inspiration?  Visit my Pinterest board with bacon recipes….THAT’LL get you going!!!




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