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I’ve said it before.  I don’t know how else to go about pursuing my dream in Voice Overs without total immersion.

Be, do, say, involve, hear, seek, relate, and otherwise absorb all things related to the field.

I made another move in that direction Thursday night in Las Vegas with Melissa Moats‘ “Step-it-Up” VO get-together.

Melissa is a Beau Weaver protegé, a 10-yr veteran of VO with thousands of credits…and, Oh!…a really nice person.  She’s organized a loosely-knit, but highly accomplished and supportive weekly gathering of local voice talent at her house.  The attendees take their turns at the mic, help with feedback, generally discuss any and all things associated with the business and have a lot of fun!  There’s even food!

This kind of LOCAL gathering is as good as it gets, no matter what your profession…but all the more so for any type of freelancer who works in relative isolation from peers:  voice talent!

This could also be referred to as the Master Mind concept…and one of its greatest VO apostles is Doug Turkel, the UNnouncer.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first session with Melissa and about 6 other talents gathered in her studio.  Do you have this in your city?  It’s not hard to do, and I’m grateful that Melissa took the lead.

Visit her “Step-It-Up” ( site to see more about how this gets organized.

Thanks Melissa!




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