More Than Just a Voice

More than just a voice is the title of Dave Courvoisier's latest book

Another Chapter from my AudioBook – SoundStreak

My labor of love: the audiobook version of  my popular VO book:  “More Than Just a Voice, The REAL Secret to Voiceover Success”. You know, it’s kind of embarrassing that I don’t have this book completely narrated yet…but I’m getting... read more

Chapter 40

About this time of year, you should be thinking about calling in all your markers.  By that I mean, it’s kinda nice to be paid in 2014 for the work you’ve done in 2014. Some clients need a little prodding in that regard.  If it’s over 60 days since... read more

Black Friday VO Special

EVERY ONCE IN A GREAT WHILE…like…almost never, I’ll openly endorse — even sell — something on this blog I think will have good value to the voice-over community. This is one of those times. Most of you know of Bill DeWees.  I write a... read more

Your First Audition – Over and Over Again

Narrating my own book is a gas!  If I leave out a word for pacing, or add a phrase to better explain something, I’m pretty sure the QC guys won’t be sending me a list of corrections…’cause I’M the QC guy…and it’s MY book! More... read more

Book Blessings

The last 36 hours have been an exceptional time in my life.  Not only did I realize a dream, but I was supported in so many wonderful ways by the Voiceover community. Thank You so much! Aside from a few follow-up posts, I’ll be heading back to a more normal... read more

“More Than Just A Voice” Book Release Tomorrow!

You’re great for putting up with my book release media blitz.  The realities of self-publishing in this day ‘n’ age demand that the author rely on his/her first-tier connections to spread the word. Since I use my blog as the center of my Social Media... read more

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