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by | Aug 7, 2017 | More Than Just a Voice, VO Business | 5 comments

‘On the road with my wife for an extended weekend, but here’s something to chew on:

Self-publishing my book “More Than Just a Voice, the Real Secret to Voiceover Success” in paperback, then Kindle, then on Audible… was a lot of work, and expense.  Maybe by now — a couple of years later — I’ve broken even.  Maybe.  

No regrets, though… and here’s the thing:  I’ve been researching how to more inexpensively distribute an update to the printed and narrated version, and I think I’ll be able to do it right from here on my blog.

The Audiobook update will come first, then the printed version, probably via .pdf.

The fun thing about publishing is that you get the long tail of readers/listeners over time  That’s been a blessing in terms of learning what’s out there, what topics to write to, and how people are responding.

So tell me, would YOU be interested in a new edition to my book?  Printed or narrated?

Thanks, and ‘back to regular blogging for Wednesday.




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  1. David Brower

    Narrated for sure…

    Hope your weekend was something special.

  2. Dave Smith

    YES, of course! I have both the printed & Kindle version so anytime I’m on the road with the Ipad, I can reference it easily.

  3. Kathryn Harlton

    Yes printed please.

  4. Howard Ellison

    Personally, I go for printed – ink on paper – so I can refer quickly to a topic. But you are a special case as the medium is the message, too!
    Another VO classic, The Art of Voice Acting, is not, I think, offered in audio, but did carry a CD (remember those?) of tips from voice people. That was an entertaining addition, though the content did not match the standard of the book in my opinion.
    Dave Smith gets it right with his choice of media.
    To end on a sour note: Audible can be off-putting. They and others mangle the sound in their sample bites.

  5. Tina Wilson

    Yes, interested and narrated definitely.


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