19158539About this time of year, you should be thinking about calling in all your markers.  By that I mean, it’s kinda nice to be paid in 2014 for the work you’ve done in 2014.

Some clients need a little prodding in that regard.  If it’s over 60 days since you did the work, you should be firmly asking for payment now (depending on the arrangement you’ve made with your client).

That means getting some invoices out.  To me, invoicing is a combination of marketing, customer relations, branding, and yes, asking for payment. 

Interestingly, “Giving Voice to Your Invoice” is Chapter 40 in my book, More Than Just a Voice, the REAL Secret to Voiceover Success. (available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle, just search my last name:  Courvoisier).

But the book will be available soon as as audiobook as well, and I’ve included a preview of it here for you — Chapter 40, Giving Voice to Your Invoice: some great tips on programs that might work for you if you haven’t yet chosen one.





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