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by | Jul 23, 2014 | More Than Just a Voice

More than just a voice by Dave Courvoisier

More than just a voice by Dave CourvoisierThe last 36 hours have been an exceptional time in my life.  Not only did I realize a dream, but I was supported in so many wonderful ways by the Voiceover community.

Thank You so much!

Aside from a few follow-up posts, I’ll be heading back to a more normal regimen of blog posts from now on, but with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing for Voice Actors.  That’s my next book, and yes, it’s already in the works!

If you’ve purchased my book either on Kindle or in print from Amazon, I can’t thank you enough!  I would only ask one teensy favor, and that would be to head back to either Amazon order page and compose a quick review of the book with as many gold stars as you think it merits.  The way Amazon is organized, books with more reviews — and more good reviews — get more attention with Amazon’s referral system.

I’ll be at VOICE2014 and FaffCon7 with a pile of books ready to sign and sell if you will happen to be there.  I’m also happy to sign any copy you send me, and send it back to you… but believe me I doubt that will increase its value any!  🙂

Again, thanks to all who have supported me in this effort!  Your presence in the midst of this means everything.




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