There’s not a lot of hope floating around here at the end of the year.

But it turns out HOPE is not an emotion so much as it is a way of thinking.  

Hope happens when:

  1.  You have the ability to set realistic goals
  2.  You know how to achieve those goals
  3.  You believe in yourself

By the way, that’s chapter and verse from Brene Brown, the research professor and author (The Gifts of Imperfection) who believes we need to face our vulnerabilities to live a more full life.

I don’t know about you, but I hit all three of her bullet points, so I admit I’m a diehard optimist.  It doesn’t matter than I don’t always achieve all those goals, I know how to set them, and I always see ahead even when I get a monkey-wrench thrown in.

Oh, you weren’t looking for a Pollyana pep-talk today?  

Too bad.  It’s Thanksgiving, and believe it or not, there’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for.  

The pandemic has:

  • made all us freelancers re-examine our marketing strategies
  • given us home-studio people “expert” status
  • not interrupted our stay-at-home workflow one bit
  • instituted new ways of connecting virtually
  • helped us realize that in-person conferences are maybe a little bloated and we never realized it
  • made us extra-appreciate those occasions when we CAN be with people
  • given us a new understanding of our blessings that we’ve taken for granted all along
  • prompted an empathy for what our clients are going through and how we can help
  • helped us understand the worldwide human condition, and how how we’re all connected
  • left us mindful of better personal health practices
  • made us aware of ways we affect those around us with our behaviors, and how we can answer the need

Maybe you’ve got some thankful thoughts you can contribute to the list, below in your comments.

I’m not blind to the pain of loss and suffering.  I’m not glossing over the economic need many are feeling.  I know things are rough, and may get rougher.  

I just choose to believe when they get better…there will be a flood of the return to some sort of new normalcy.  And it will be joyous.

See?  I told you I was an optimist.

….and I just had a birthday and am practically ancient now…so respect the words of your elders?






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