Now What?

by | Feb 3, 2020 | New Paradigms, VO Business

Sure, sure…Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  So is President’s Day, and César Chávez Day…but nothing trumps the triple crown of Christmas/New Year’s/SuperBowl for a nexus of celebration.

Super Bowl stretches farther and farther away from Jan 1 these years, but most of us seem to be able to hold on to our confetti until the first weekend of February.

Then what? 

To me, the Monday after Super Bowl is a calendric slap in the face.  The reality once again stings that I’ve dropped my New Year’s resolution.  For many, the hard, cold, dreary days of Winter are yet to come, and there’s a certain ponderous, almost deafening sense of what’s ahead:  taxes, new challenges, and this year the added weight of a new decade.

Of course, no one PUTS that weight on us…we do it to ourselves.  As part of a culture that worships hard work, little vacation time, and competes at every level, you stick out like a sore thumb if you plug along laissez-faire under your own flag.

You don’t feel this way?

Cool… you don’t need to read further.  Good onya for taking control of your own insecurities.

The rest of you?…’How ’bout let’s review a few foundational mind tricks, that might help you face the enormity of what’s next.

Fear is not something to get “rid” of.
Seeing it that way puts you at war with yourself, and “ridding” yourself of fear is a patch.  Working through fear is a lifestyle…a reframing of challenges to make them work for you – even after embarrassment or failure.  Walk through fear.  Just do it.  See the false hold it has on you, and feel the liberation.

Your Goals are fulfilled through process.
I mentioned this just the other day in a blog I wrote some time ago: 7 Processes to Success.  In essence, your goal is the achievement you seek at the end of the road.  Your process is the map and the car to get there.  Have good processes, and realize your goals more efficiently.

Be the sore thumb that sticks out.
A nation of people like that would be insufferable (imagine if everyone had blue or orange hair…it wouldn’t be special then, would it?). So pick when to show your sore thumb according to your gifts and limitations.  You don’t have to stand out from the crowd on everything…just the categories where you know you can legitimately claim uniqueness…and then work it.  If everyone else is competing for VO jobs on P2P’s…go find your own clients in some other way that plays to your strengths.

Do the work.
Last year’s blog on this topic got a healthy response.  JUST DO THE WORK.  Being sincere about the discipline, fortitude, and determination involved here is essential.  Chances are, you’re familiar with hard work.  So don’t abandon it now.  One foot in front of the other, and all that.  Be the Nike logo.

Freelance Success takes Hustle.
You ARE your business.  Unless you hire a virtual assistant, you are responsible for all aspects of your success (or failure).  Introvert or not, seeking new opportunities will require some form of chutzpah and audacity.  THE ONE WORD THAT DEFINES VOICEOVER SUCCESS OR FAILUREThis particular notion is my hugest downfall.  I’m working on it.

Constantly Renew Yourself Through Curiosity
A sense of humble innocence and protection from fear begets curiosity.  We may think of curiosity as a sort of adorable trait, but finding the courage to be curious means breaking routines and not worrying about consequences.  It can lead to failure, but we all know by now that there is no progress without failure.  Take the reins, try a new idea and go for it.

Honorable Mention:
Gratitude & Service
Nothing will take you out of your own head faster than to do something in the service of others.  That doesn’t mean you daily wash the feet of homeless people (although that would be fine) …I’m talking being aware of a need (however big or small), and volunteering to answer that need with no expectation of reward.  No one needs to know you even did it. The doing of it is its own reward.  Do that.  Then be grateful you could do it.

Happy February!!!





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