You know this word.

You know its meaning.

It’s also the one thing that you need to be a success at life… but that claim gets a little more messy.

No other word better summarizes a more clear dividing line between a successful voice actor, and a struggling voice actor.

No other concept enhances, supports, energizes, or spurs ALL the other talents needed for VO success.

What is this magic element?



The word conjures up immediate impressions and cultural biases (some unfavorable). 

It’s invariably mentioned in relation to good ole American chutzpah.  PT Barnum and Gordon Gecko might be its more unsavory apostles.

But taken in a more positive light, it could simply mean:

  • to obtain by energetic activity
  • to sell or promote energetically and aggressively
  • to make strenuous efforts to obtain especially money or business

I like the word “energetic” in relation to the concept of hustle.  It’s not the essence of its soul, though.

“Hustle” implies a little risk.  Some guts and determination.  And this is where hustle can verge into the dark side.  It can get to shoving and jostling.  It can be discourteous…even rude.

But done right, HUSTLE is the secret sauce to success.

You wanna have voiceover success?  

Get busy!…get hustlin’!