Actually, it’s more like: Social Media —-> Conversation——> Relationships——> Jobs.

I know it’s not for everybody, and it doesn’t work the same for everybody, and it should not be your sole source of marketing, but I’ve found it fruitful for MY voice over business.  Are you on b0ard?

Case in point:  I started the “Voice Over Friends” FaceBook group a couple of months ago when FB changed the way “groups” are configured.  Now the VO Friends group has almost 165 voice actors sharing freely, and this offer today on the group from Michael Minetree of MineWurx Studios:

Hello again.
We’re sending out another wide net for MEDICAL DEMOS from American Male – British Male and British Female.
We are compiling a reference list for one of our clients. Please submit your medical demos [email protected].
You are also welcome to pass this announcement onto your fellow colleagues, VO peeps and casting sites. Anyone is welcome to submit.
Please tag submissons:

Yesterday, this link came to me from voiceover artist John Grove:

It’s another (yes another) online community for voice talent based on the same ning configuration as Zurek’s VU.  Who knows?  It’s free to join, and gets your name out there in still another way.

Start a conversation with someone, you never know if it might lead to a job…if not…it’s all about relationship anyway.



Seven years later, and we’re setting up a Medical Demos Voice Over page on my own website here at! Meanwhile the voice over friends group on facebook merged with Voice Over Pros and we now have over 3900 members!



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