Oh, the Opportunities You Could Be Missing!

Christian Kolberg used to work for the local newspaper publisher.  Then he realized he had a knack for auctioneering.  That’s him to the right, and him with me on the far right at the recent “Chefs for Kids” Gala fundraiser…dressed... read more

Voice Actors Make News

This is not just some news-guy-wanna-be-voice-actor rant. This is open-your-eyes-’cause-voice-acting-is-everywhere-in-the-news chant. For instance, didja see E.G. Daily’s appearance on The Voice the other night?  The voice of Tommy Pickles in RugRats,... read more

The “World” of Hal Douglas

The voice of Hal Douglas is iconic.  In fact, there is still plenty of debate about whether Douglas or Lafontaine most deserves to be associated with the phrase “In a World” because so many of the trailers he’s voiced start with those 3... read more

Grammy’s Live Announcer

During the Grammy’s last night I spent more than hour on the web seeking the name of the (obviously accomplished) live female announcer on CBS for the big show. The frustrating search turned up nothing (and I’m pretty good at this). I checked all... read more

Politics vs. Voiceover

Even that title doesn’t do it justice.  But what would? The passions of politics are SO polarized these days that no one can say or do ANYTHING. Here’s the story.  I take no sides. ”A voice-over actor — best... read more

Porta-Booth Pro Demo

After a long day trolling the exhibit aisles at NAB (Nat’l Assoc of Broadcasters) in Las Vegas, George Whittam shows up at my TV station promptly as my 5 o’clock evening newscast begins.  Great! He’s got with him a sharkfin-shaped, zippered... read more

All GOOD Stories are Personal

There are stories and then there are stories.  Here’s why the personal story is the only good story: Story 1:  The Las Vegas unemployment rate topped 13% last month.  This is a true story, one that appeared as an item on many news products in Las... read more

10 Things all VO’s Should Do in December

Ah, the month all procrastinators hate!  This is it, after all…no more putting off IFF you want to get it done this year (serious procrastinators cheerily look to 2010 with no shame or guilt). So here’s a short checklist of things you may want to... read more

PostOp on a Teleseminar

When do you become an “expert”? That word makes me uncomfortable. That’s why, when I started my teleseminar Saturday morning  (Leveraging Social Media for Your VoiceOver Business) on behalf of the VoiceOverDirectory, I began by saying I’m... read more

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