The “World” of Hal Douglas

by | Aug 28, 2013 | People

hal douglasThe voice of Hal Douglas is iconic.  In fact, there is still plenty of debate about whether Douglas or Lafontaine most deserves to be associated with the phrase “In a World” because so many of the trailers he’s voiced start with those 3 words..

He’s darn-near done it all, and still going.  Disney, A&E, Warner Bros., History Channel, and even served in WWII.

Now, Filmmaker Casimir Nozkowski has a new short out about Hal Douglas, much of it in his own voice.  In the nine-minute documentary (seen below), he reflects on his body of work, his technique and the current state of his instrument.

We should all have such illustrious careers!

BTW, in case, for some reason you’ve never seen it.  Check out this fun video where Hal pokes fun at himself and the trailer business:




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