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by | Sep 27, 2013 | People

newsThis is not just some news-guy-wanna-be-voice-actor rant.

This is open-your-eyes-’cause-voice-acting-is-everywhere-in-the-news chant.

For instance, didja see E.G. Daily’s appearance on The Voice the other night?  The voice of Tommy Pickles in RugRats, ButterCup in the PowerPuff Girls, and as Dottie in PeeWee’s Big Adventure… Daily just wanted to see if she “had it” as a singer.  (She does).  See the write up about Daily’s appearance in Huffington Post.

Stories about the latest nuances in popular video games are rife.  See “Rockstar Uses Actual Gang Members for Grand Theft Auto V Voice Acting”, and “Finally, A Better Taste Of ‘Metal Gear Solid V”s English Voice Acting

Feature profiles of individual voice-actors are as easy to find as Brian Cranston quotes:

Voice Actor Travis Willingham: I Love Anonymity

Voice actor Tom Kenny switches to adult-friendly role on ‘Brickleberry’ (in the online version of the Daily Nebraskan!)

And finally, voice-actors are busy defining what it means to be mentors, coaches, and pushing the envelope of technology:

Read about Lainie Frasier, a voice-actor from Austin, TX in the online version of the Houston Chronicle; Funny Voices Are Her Living.

And from the UK: “Technology brings increased opportunities for voice-over actors”

Yes, “In a World” did wonders for our business…but this stuff was happening…is happening…will happen because VO is reaching a threshold in cultural consciousness, and you know what?…people are fascinated by what we do.

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