10 Things all VO’s Should Do in December

by | Dec 1, 2009 | Follow-up, People, Relationships

19149012 Ah, the month all procrastinators hate!  This is it, after all…no more putting off IFF you want to get it done this year (serious procrastinators cheerily look to 2010 with no shame or guilt).

So here’s a short checklist of things you may want to consider for your voice-acting business before New Year’s rolls around:

1-Get out all those invoices to delinquent accounts with maybe a few strong words about how you’ve been patient enough, thankyou.

2-While you’re at it, be sure to pay-off OTHER freelancers (SEO gurus, writers, graphic artists, etc.) the money you owe THEM.

3-Download all of 2009’s financial records from your bank into your accounting software.

4-Revisit whatever 2009 New Year’s resolution list you had, and try to squeeze-in at least one more undone item.

4-Back-up your hard drive’s documents, sound-files, and pictures…in short, any personally-generated files that you can’t just reinstall from the original disks. (You should be doing this every week, actually)

6-Now that you’ve got almost a year’s worth of data behind you, run a Google Analytics check on the traffic to your website or blog.  It’s a treasure-trove.

7-Fire off an email-or-two to your favorite client, thanking them for their steadfastness and help in 2009, and reminding them you stand ready to help them with their projects for 2010.

8-Plan now for whatever coaching, conferences, or business seminars you need to attend in other cities or states.  (Seriously consider VOICE2010…it’ll be the best!)

9-Pay any State dues, fees, or what-have-you to keep your business license up-to-date.

10-Start thinking about a serious 2010 News Year’s Resolution list for your business.  Be honest.  Aim high.  Write down anything that comes to mind.

BONUS ITEM: Pick at least one person – a mentor or supporter – who made a difference in being there for you when you were in a valley of VO, and tell them how much you cherish their friendship and ask them what you can do for them.




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