That Moment…

…when you have an interested new prospect, and they tell you they’ve never really hired a professional voice talent, ’cause they always use Alan when they need something recorded.  You know — Alan…down the hall.It’s a golden moment,... read more

Update, Renew, Freshen

This is the sad state of affairs in today’s world:  everything is cursory.I’m speaking mostly of content, attention spans, and trends.  Nothing stands still.  Everything is always in transition.Boy, that’s profound, Dave!…haven’t you ever... read more

On a Scale of…

Online businesses are feedback crazy. I understand the need for follow-up, customer service, and keeping metrics as much as the next guy, but I’m noticing follow-up survey overload lately.  You? An innocent call to AT&T so you can recover your voicemail... read more

10 Things all VO’s Should Do in December

Ah, the month all procrastinators hate!  This is it, after all…no more putting off IFF you want to get it done this year (serious procrastinators cheerily look to 2010 with no shame or guilt). So here’s a short checklist of things you may want to consider for your... read more

Status Posting

‘Coupla days ago, I shuffled out loud through a few rambling thoughts here on this blog — like I NEVER do that! (see “…MushMind…”) Surprisingly, comments from three people I really admire, immediately popped up. My original musing... read more

Managing Re-Do’s

Inevitably, one of your clients (OK, a few?)  will require a “fix”, a “patch”…a “re-do”. Maybe it’s their fault:  a re-write, a change in the copy, or a pronunciation they didn’t give you. Maybe (horrors!) it’s YOUR fault for inserting or deleting an... read more

Follow-ups Are So Important

‘Coupla mentions, here of some issues I blogged about recently. The first is about that website. (my original blog here) For a while, there, the subject seemed to fade away on the VO forum site where it first appeared.  But it came back, and I’m glad it... read more

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