Managing Re-Do’s

by | Sep 22, 2009 | Equipment, Follow-up, Hardware, Software, Technical | 3 comments

neumann Inevitably, one of your clients (OK, a few?)  will require a “fix”, a “patch”…a “re-do”.

Maybe it’s their fault:  a re-write, a change in the copy, or a pronunciation they didn’t give you.

Maybe (horrors!) it’s YOUR fault for inserting or deleting an important word.

Whatever the reason — and not opening up the can of worms of how to charge for that  –  I have a question that would require your commenting back, and I hope you will.

Assuming you adjust your audio chain and your voice, your positioning, and maybe even your microphones differently for different jobs, how do you manage to reproduce that same sound (maybe days or weeks later) for that “patch” you are now being asked to do?

Is it just by ear?…do you actually make notes for the settings on your pre-amp or channel-strip?…do have pre-sets that are marked on the face of your panel?…are you SO good that you know exactly where to place yourself in front of your mic to get that same sound?

I’m trying different things, and having pretty good luck, but if you feel like sharing this not-so-secret-secret, I’d really appreciate it, and I promise to collate, share, and re-print the variety of responses here.

Just click on “COMMENT” below if you have a second to jot down a thought.





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  1. The Voice of Brian

    Rarely do I move my plug-in settings, so that is usually not an issue. I don’t use external gear for compressing/EQ etc. and my mic pre is a highly modified Digi 003R, so no adjustments on it.

    I listen back and usually able to match without much trouble, however there have certainly been times when matching was not going well, thus I would record the entire section…sometimes, I have found it easier.

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