Need Something Done?

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Ruminations

…ask a busy person.

Sounds almost counterintuitive doesn’t it?

But it’s true.

A busy person typically gets things done, and vibrates at a frequency of success.

That’s ’cause a busy person understands what it takes to get things done.

Now, mind you, I’m not talking about a person who is busy just because she/he LIKES being  busy, or because they equate busy-ness with status.  No, I’m referring to the person who is busy because they are productive, and productive because they are busy…because they understand that to get things done, you have to take action.

THOSE are the people to ask when you want something done.  Sometimes, that means asking yourself.

Since December of 2017, I stopped being purposefully busy.  I left the active world of TV newscasting behind, and “retired”.  I told myself I had earned it.  I was 65 and I had paid my dues.  Time to rachet back the busy world of working for someone else, and start working for myself…for my own freelance voiceover business.


…it didn’t work that way.

The less I had to do…the less I did.  Don’t get me wrong.  I liked sleeping late, taking the time to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.  I loved not having a boss, or a fixed schedule.  I just KNEW this would free me up to be a voiceover success.

But I wasn’t busy anymore, and being less busy left me less productive in general, and in voice-acting . 

Heck, at one time, I was anchoring 3 newscasts a day, helping to raise three daughters, founding WoVO, being active on the board of directors of several non-profits, and hosting public events on the weekend.  I was defining the word BUSY, but I always seemed to find the time when someone asked for help.  I was busy voice-acting, too.

It’s actually a syndrome, that is constructed around the concept of a reliable person becomes busy. Who doesn’t want to be reliable?  Isn’t that one of the most coveted charactersitics of a good voice actor?

More on the syndrome here

When that all went away, so did productivity other areas.  Apparently that busy-ness seemed to drive success in my “other” world too…my freelance voiceover world.

When my TV News busy-ness retired, so did my VO busy-ness.  I found it harder to keep up a regular schedule, be disciplined and focused.  I got complacent and sloppy.

I struggled with VO in 2019, then COVID came along, and the bottom fell out.  Earnings went into the basement.  I became sour.  See my recent blog about how I became disheartened about auditioning.

I realized I was born to be busy, and if voiceover didn’t want me…plenty of other people did.

Well, I AM going to be busy again, and I can’t wait.

Watch for tomorrow’s blog for the explanation, and why you will be able to expect THIS busy person to once again be productive in more ways than one.

It’s just how I’m built.

Go ahead, just ask.


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