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by | Nov 19, 2017 | VO Business

Maybe you think you can construct a pretty righteous pillow fort.  But no matter how good it is, it’s not like the last one. Consistency is important, even when you’re on the road.

There is no end to the many innovative solutions people have come up with for that thorny predicament of mobile recording on the road, in a motel, at your cousin’s house, etc.

I like Adil Aliev’s solution just fine.  I first wrote about his product: VocalBooth To Go in 2014

He’s improved on it since then, and branched out with some other products, too.  The last time I saw him was at VO Atlanta, and I was impressed with complete vocal booth design he was showing there.  

The other day, though, he dropped by the TV station in Las Vegas, passing through on his way to setting a Guinness Book World record for driving the most continuous miles in one country without repeating any roads.  (He’s shooting for 40,000 miles).

I asked him to show me his latest add-on for his signature product: an extra hood for throwing over your head ‘n’ shoulders so you don’t have to go hunting for a blanket or quilt.

You’ll find that 5 minute video, accelerated into a 1-min sped-up version below.

Here is the link to his site:  http://www.vocalboothtogo.com

And here is a .pdf of his 3-fold brochure explaining the VocalBooth ToGo.

When Adil left Vegas, he was heading to Utah, Montana, across top of Washington State to Seattle, and back down to San Diego.  Some life, eh?

I have a Vocal Booth ToGo, and have even successfully used it at home for important clients from time to time when — for whatever reason — my home studio was down.  I can give it a big thumbs up!





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