busyAre you busy? 

Man…I AM.

Not all voice-over stuff either… just…life (and my other job).

Let’s face it, this election season is atypical, and it’s taxing news organizations everywhere.  KLAS-TV (CBS-Las Vegas) included.

Not only is the final Presidential Debate scheduled in two weeks on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, but just a few days beforehand, our TV station is hosting the only NV Senatorial Debate.  And not just any Senate debate.  The outcome of THIS race will decide who replaces long-time Senator Harry Reid, the one-time Senate Majority Leader.

Add to that various other state and local races, 3 public appearances as an MC for some favorite charitable organizations, and a bevy of special news reports…and you can probably imagine I’m not getting much sleep in October.

Mind you…I’m not complaining.  I’m blessed in many ways, and the thrill of a good story still gets me going.

How do you handle overload, though? 

  • Make lists? 
  • Keep a day-timer?
  • Sleep with your smartphone?
  • Depend on your spouse? 
  • Go into denial?
  • Write yourself notes?

Yup…all of that, but especially lists with checkboxes.  Honestly, I find that to be one of my greatest motivators: to be able to check something off.  Note that I don’t delete items once they’re finished.  I leave it in the list with the box checked to show the item has been achieved.  Now, THAT’s satisfaction.

When I got back from Tahoe this last weekend, I had a list of at least 20 urgent things to be done on my checklist.  As I write this (Tuesday evening), I have only 5 left. 


‘Need something done?  Call a busy person. 

I know that’s a trite saying, but seriously, when you get on a roll…there’s almost nothing you can’t do.  Sure, I can build up a mental block as big as a mountain that keeps me from doing stuff…but more often than not, it only takes me 5 minutes to get it done.  <<FACE PLANT>>

The way I see it, the only way to handle “busy” it to GET busy, and get on with it!

Are ya with me?




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