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january2013You build your business.  You set your goals.  You make progress.

What was priority two years ago is a past accomplishment in the new year.

For instance, I’ve been putting off too long the need for an efficient, workable, online, intuitive bookkeeping solution.  Now that next year’s tax season is looming, I’m especially aware of my 2019 shortcomings in this area.  I WILL start out the new year with a system in place.

In that spirit, I’m throwing out some ideas for you in this article.

Some might stick against the wall, and others are gonna slide right down, and end up on the floor.  It’s not exhaustive, nor is it all-encompassing, but it might rattle something in your brain that you forgot needed to be on the front burner.

I’ve mentioned before I’m a prodigious list-maker.  Some of the stuff in the list below may be behind you… or too far out in front to handle in 2013.  It’s neither a newbie nor an advanced list.  It’s just a brainstorming session:

  • Time to tweak your demo?
  • Do you need to develop OTHER niche demos?
  • Does the website need an upgrade?
  • When’s the last time you offered to help someone?
  • How’s your computer doing?  Hard Drive making funny sounds?
  • When’s the last time you backed-up your files?
  • Are you keeping a database of clients/colleagues/prospects?
  • What are you using for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?
  • When’s the last time you dusted your equipment?  ;-}
  • Is this the year you get your dream mic?
  • Which VO events/webinars/meet-ups/mixers are you going to attend in 2020?
  • What coach or coaching will you pursue?
  • Will you tune into VOBS every Sunday?
  • Will you seek a mentor this year?
  • Is your DAW software doing what you need?
  • How are you handling your finances?
  • Are you setting aside a portion of your proceeds for taxes each paycheck?
  • What is your follow-up procedure for keeping regular clients happy?
  • Are YOU happy?
  • Do you take enough time for your family?
  • Would an intern help your workflow?
  • Time to spruce up your Social Media presence?
  • When’s the last time you said ‘Thank You’?
  • What is your strategy for getting new clients?
  • Will you stay with online subscription sites?  What is the ROI there?
  • Do you need an agent/more agents?
  • Could WoVO help you out?
  • Can you justify the expense of Source-Connect or ISDN?
  • Finally time to get those acting/improv classes?
  • Do you need a tablet?
  • What about a cloud computing solution for your files?
  • Will a regular newsletter to your clients come in 2020?
  • Are your rates due for a step-up?
  • What task will you delegate to free up time?
  • Are you in a MasterMind or Stand-up group?
  • Is a whisper-room in your budget this year?
  • Did you visit VoiceOverXtra today?
  • What advantage would going/droppping union bring you?
  • When’s the last time you called your agent to say thanks?
  • Will you commit to reading my blog every day? (just checking)
  • Which annoying habit will you conquer in your delivery?
  • Did you go paperless yet?
  • Can you do an audiobook?
  • Do you have a marketing plan that’s measurably working?
  • What part of your business should you jettison/stop regardless of how dear it is?
  • Which colleague have you asked for a frank opinion on your sound?
  • When’s the last time your revamped your LinkedIn/FaceBook/Twitter profile?
  • How can you better manage your time?
  • Is your financial bookkeeping up-to-snuff?
  • Are you looking for VO jobs, or a VO career?

What am I missing?  What is YOUR priority for your VO business this year?  Name one thing that just can’t be ignored one more year, and HAS to be done in 2020.




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  1. Kelley Buttrick

    Wow Dave! What a list! As a dedicated list maker myself, this one is fantastic and has certainly given me a lot to mull over during the holidays. I don’t think you missed a thing here.

    My suggestion to others would be that they then prioritize their lists so they can keep focused on what’s most important of all the goals. The Franklin-Covey priority system has always worked well for me.

    One thing I struggle with is feeling overwhelmed by huge time-consuming tasks, so I try to keep in mind what my mother told me, “You eat the elephant one bite at a time.” It’s good to also break those daunting larger tasks into easily accomplished smaller ones.

    As far as my one task the MUST get accomplished in 2013? I must find a solution to noise, so my children don’t have to spend their summers holed away in the basement or outside with strict orders not to come in until I’m finished recording, and I’m not having to text my husband telling him not to set foot out of his home office until the session is done. I’ve already broken it down into tasks. Most recently, I went to visit a Studiobricks booth while I was in NYC after doing some research on it as well as other booth options. While I’m still exploring the possibilities, Mike Bratton’s Studiobricks booth was awesome, and I’m certainly leaning hard in that direction. I also have a call into the engineer who set up my current studio and the tech company that handles the computers here. While it’s an overwhelming task to consider, researching the options is fascinating.

    Thanks for list Dave. Now I’m off to prioritize it. 😉

    • Dave Courvoisier

      Kelley…I am behind you in your priority sound-booth task. How can I help? Your family is being understanding, but they deserve more of their mom/husband…not someone who is always chiding them to be quiet all the time. You know this, and are taking action….bravo!

      Keep in mind that it’s one thing to have a quiet soundbooth INSIDE…and quite another to equip your soundbooth to keep OUTSIDE noise from getting in.

      Does the StudioBricks solution give you both?

      Think of this as an important investment in your family AND your business.

      Best to you this Christmas!

      Dave Courvoisier

  2. I M

    Thanks again! A blessed and joyous Christmas! May the Good Lord bless you and all near-dear ones! I M

  3. Cliff Zellman

    Greatness, Dave! I am only going to work on questions # 1-51. Thank YOU for all you do for the VO community! I hope you and your beautiful family have a WONDERFUL Christmas and a safe and healthy new year. I see a trip to Vegas in the very near future! You are a treasure!

  4. Diane Ellis

    Hi Dave, Diane Ellis here….I’ve moved back to Boston July of 2011 to be with my family….starting fresh here with the vo’s ….have had a handful of vo’s…and some singing gigs. Got a question….is Source Connect easy to install/use? I am with Voice 123, and a few of the clients have mentioned SC ….and if I had it…I would get more work…..what are your thoughts? Thanks Dave….wishing you and yours a fabulous New Year!
    Diane Ellis


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