What Constitutes “Outdated”?

by | Jul 27, 2012 | Ruminations, VO Business | 4 comments

What Constitutes “Outdated”?

by | Ruminations, VO Business

Lord knows there are only so many hours in the day, and days in the week.

We all try to do the best we can prioritizing and checking things off the list, and getting done as much as is humanly possible.  Along the way, we kinda like to think that what we’ve achieved STANDS for a while, and doesn’t necessarily need to be re-done very soon. Things like your:

  • logo
  • branding slogan
  • business cards
  • headshot
  • website
  • demos
  • letterhead
  • graphics
  • invoices

….and the list goes on.

But what was trendy yesterday is trite today, and a sleek design or catchy phrase can seem cliché in no time.

When’s the last time you heard anybody say “NOT!” at the end of a facetious statement?  Brittany Spears.  Leif Garrett.  Boyz II Men. “You Deserve a Break Today”.  Pet Rock.

I’m sure you could add to the list.

Data on this subject abounds on the internet.  Here’s one full of analysis of trends: Pew Research Center Publications on Social Trends.  Here’s another:  It’s Finally Time to Retire These Technologies

Personally, when quoting figures on Social Media trends, I’m uncomfortable with any numbers or factoids that are over a month old.

So does your freelance voice acting business stand on tried-and-true, recognizable, reliable comfortable old icons of branding and marketing?

…or does stuff need to be revamped ALL THE TIME?  Or maybe some parts of your business have a longer shelf life than others.

Take the ever-important audio demo of your commercial work, for instance.  How long can THAT stand before it needs to be re-done?  There’s the question of how often you can spend the hundreds or thousands of dollars to do it right AGAIN, versus the perceived “modern-ness” of the copy, music, and delivery.

And WHO decides what’s up-to-date, anyway?  Is it the popular culture?…clients?…agents?…our peers?

What about a website?  Should it stay with the current technological upgrades and be HTML5 as well as AdobeFlash, AND be seen on Android as well as iOS devices?

Don’t design logos start to look a little dated after a year or two?  There’s another expense.

I’d like to know what you think.

What elements of your VO business do you like to keep right on top of “the latest”?…what can slide for a longer period?…which portions of your brand and marketing are you keeping staid and solid over time with no effort to revamp?




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  1. Lee Pinney

    I never thought that I would utter these words again in my lifetime, “I’m commenting from my cell phone” so I’ll be brief.

    You and I were on the same page (<–tired and worn out?) until you got to logo. If you have ever seen a logo quiz, you'd be surprised at just how many you recognize. I for one believe that there is a ton of equity in a logo, and it would be a shame to kick that to the curb (<–oops I did it again) (darn it, did it again with a Brittney).

    • CourVO


      You’re obviously a man after my own heart… thanks for your tongue-in-cheek response, and the rule-of-thumb (<---) wisdom you live by. Stop by and comment more often willya? CourVO

  2. Mark

    • Demos of all genres – constantly reviewed and updated as necessary. (I do my demo-making myself. )
    • Résumé – updated annually.
    • Voice demos package for agents – new version sent annually.
    • Website – never “finished”. Add/remove demos, update demos and information, graphics (for Pinterest), tweak “behind the scenes” stuff.
    Currently converting dozens of videos from Flash to .mp4, for iOS compatibility.
    • Logo design looking dated? A good design shouldn’t. (I like yours, Courvo. But please add your name and occupation.)

    And now, I’d like to offer two suggestions about websites, Facebook, and Linked-in.
    1) Be sure your email address on your business site and your Profile pages is easy to find! I’ve read group posts about someone not being able to contact a voiceover artist because the email address could not be found anywhere. Recently, I had the same experience, and I gave up the effort.

    2) No white text on black background.

    • CourVO


      Good suggestions all! I like the way you think. Thanks for sharing!

      You’re right, I need to “fix” my logo to include the info you suggest.

      Dave Courvoisier


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