4 Ways to Support the VO Marketplace

This blog is my own pep-talk.I’m a horrible supporter of all the media that bring us opportunity.Let me explain, by first stating some global actions you can take to keep our business thriving.  Share this list with your friends and colleagues, and encourage... read more

Media Realities

Have I mentioned that the TV station I work for as a news anchorman has been sold?  Little wonder.  We were a one-station group.  Now we’re part of a media holding company that owns 110 TV stations.  Listening to the founder and CEO in a staff meeting Tuesday... read more

Must-See Numbers

Graphs, and statistics…data and research results…they can all be misconstrued until… …until the preponderance of the data starts leading to much the same conclusion over and over. THEN you know you have more than just conjecture, you have about... read more

Tablet Transformation

Tablets are a game changer. Sure, your iPad is handy for swiping through copy as you read…easy to catch up on email while waiting at the doctor’s office…but tablet computers are about to explode on the scene in ways you didn’t expect, and the... read more


Having grown up in white-bread middle-America in the 50’s, I never imagined a future for this country that accepted anything else but English. I won’t mince my words: I think it weakens our country to be bi-lingual.  That sounds odd coming from me. ... read more

Speak Text For Me

The issue of Synthetic Voices has garnered as much or more attention on this blog as any other one topic. There are unique challenges and advantages in this area to the voice actor.  I’ll get to that in a minute. First, a little backstory:  I’ve blogged... read more

Voice Talent “Search” Shows at Loggerheads?

URL: this blog info from one of the production teams. I’d hate to see this bring a rift in our business. Ted Williams’ phenomenon continues to grip the VO world! CourVOSee this Amp at... read more

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