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by | Dec 5, 2012 | New Paradigms, Trending

Graphs, and statistics…data and research results…they can all be misconstrued until…

…until the preponderance of the data starts leading to much the same conclusion over and over.

THEN you know you have more than just conjecture, you have about the closest thing to predicting the future that there is.

I came across some information this week that blew me away.  It’s a SlideShare presentation, and there are 88 slides in all.  Honestly, I didn’t look at them all…YET.  But I’m going to be darn sure I do!

KPCB: Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, Byers, is a Mega Venture Capital firm with its hands on plenty of data.  They’ve sifted the info down to the impressive SlideShare you’re about to see.

It’s all about internet stats.  You know…the internet…only the most significant cultural phenomenon since the wheel, the bible, peanut butter and electricity.  The internet…the technological game-changer that has transformed the voice-acting business and many others.

The presentation is broken down into four chapters:

  • Basic Stats (don’t ignore this section)
  • Re-Imagination (of everything)
  • Asset-Light Generation
  • USA, Inc ( a lot to be excited about in Tech…a lot to worry about in other areas)

Why should you care about internet/technology/global market trends?

If I have to explain it to you….

OK, OK… look at it this way.  You want to be out front…you want to be able to give your business the best chance it has in what is now a global economy.  Seeing “it” coming, will not only keep you from being blindsided, but it puts you on the vanguard of change.  Change is constant, and change is opportunity.

Besides, it’s just fascinating research…I guarantee… more than one of the following slides will make you raise your eyebrows.  See below.







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