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by | Jan 7, 2011 | Trending

Among the many offshoots of the Ted Williams phenomenon was the radio show featuring Ted talking to VO Pros Joe Cipriano and Randye Thomas.  The two top VO talents invited Ted to be part of their upcoming VoiceOver Talent Search Show (a la American Idol).

VoiceOver Talent Search Show!!!!

It took Ted Williams for this news to come out?!!  Have I been living in a cave?

I mean, I LOVE this idea for a talent search show (’bout time!), but isn’t the timing incredibly fortuitous?

Apparently it IS true, though…’cause now there’s a FaceBook page  for the show called: BEHIND THE MIC. Meaning, the show is callled ‘Behind the Mic’, and so is the FaceBook page.  It’s just bare-b0nes page right now, but apparently Erik Sheppard, Wally Wingert, Marc Cashman, and Sarah Natochenny are involved (judges?).

I encourage you to go to the Behind The Mic FaceBook page and “friend” it.  This show deserves our support.  In a business that’s suffered an incredible erosion of understanding and rate degredation…this will definitely be a good thing.




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