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Eleven LinkedIn Leads

Time and time again I get questions about LinkedIn. People gush over on FaceBook, and they play on Twitter, but they just aren’t sure WHAT to do with LinkedIn. Like the other popular social media platforms, LinkedIn has been smart about constantly morphing their... read more

Part III, Your VO Social Media Plan

Repeat after me:  Voice Acting is a business…Voice Acting is a business…Voice Acting is a business. Yeah, it’s a fun business.  There are real ego-boosting moments.  It’s performance, it’s technology, it’s rubbing up against... read more

Part I, Your VO Social Media plan

Each day this week, I’ll contribute a new blog article in a 5-point plan to benefit your VO business in the Social Networks. This is not daunting, nor difficult.  It will require some time, esp. if you haven’t started yet, and it WILL require the real YOU... read more

Do What Works, Drop What Doesn’t

What works for your doesn’t always work for me…and vice versa. A comment on a VO forum recently noted that when seeking freelance VO jobs, it’s all about relationship.  He said that FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn was a time-suck, and “if you... read more

Conversation = Jobs

After starting a Facebook group for voice over artists, a potential client looking for a medical voice over artist posted in our group seeking male voice over talent.

read more

New Frontier

Every day I’m reminded that we live in swashbuckling times.  Not that we should have parrot on our shoulder, or a snarl on our breath…rather a swashbuckler — in the truest sense — is an adventurer. Every generation has it’s opportunities... read more

Setting VO Rates…

….is more than just a quandary, it’s actually a group forum over on LinkedIn. Lately, there’s been some lively discussion about pricing long-format narrations (with some side-notes about how the industry is in the throes of trying to decide how much... read more

PostOp on a Teleseminar

When do you become an “expert”? That word makes me uncomfortable. That’s why, when I started my teleseminar Saturday morning  (Leveraging Social Media for Your VoiceOver Business) on behalf of the VoiceOverDirectory, I began by saying I’m a fan... read more

Sharing…or Show-off?

Revisiting an earlier blog about “status posting”,  I’d appreciate your reaction, please, to any or all of the following real-life examples of voice-over Tweets (sorry for the poor image quality): [I declare that voiceove gigs are about to overflow... read more

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