How Social Media Leads to VO Jobs

In June, Terry Daniel, Trish Basanyi and I will be presenting on this very topic at VOICE2012 . That’s not all we’ll be talking about, of course, but that’s what everyone wants to know.  “How do you work Twitter or FaceBook so that it leads to... read more


Sometimes you can OVER think things. Other times, you really SHOULD take a moment to think things through. Today’s American rarely thinks through their motivations…so driven are we to produce, achieve, accumulate…or just NOT get left behind.  The... read more

Conversation = Jobs

After starting a Facebook group for voice over artists, a potential client looking for a medical voice over artist posted in our group seeking male voice over talent.

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Butterfly Effect

Judging by the flurry of social media invitations I’ve received in the last 36 hours, I’d have to say there’s at least some truth to the Butterfly Effect.  You know…the loosely-held theory that even the beat of a Butterfly’s wings somehow... read more

All GOOD Stories are Personal

There are stories and then there are stories.  Here’s why the personal story is the only good story: Story 1:  The Las Vegas unemployment rate topped 13% last month.  This is a true story, one that appeared as an item on many news products in Las... read more

10 Things all VO’s Should Do in December

Ah, the month all procrastinators hate!  This is it, after all…no more putting off IFF you want to get it done this year (serious procrastinators cheerily look to 2010 with no shame or guilt). So here’s a short checklist of things you may want to consider for your... read more

Google Is Your Resume

…your brand, your reputation, your integrity, and your image on the internet could be the most telling statement about your life from this point on.

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Humbly asking the right question of the proper person is a very powerful tool.

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