Butterfly Effect

by | Jun 8, 2010 | Relationships

Judging by the flurry of social media invitations I’ve received in the last 36 hours, I’d have to say there’s at least some truth to the Butterfly Effect.  You know…the loosely-held theory that even the beat of a Butterfly’s wings somehow sets off a chain of events of unanticipated and incalculable results across the world, forever set in motion, never to be rescinded.

The idea was played out in a  2004 movie by the same name starring Ashton Kutcher.

In other words, our actions are only part of a dynamic system that constantly fluctuates and responds to the actions of those around us resulting in a never-ending, changing sum of consequences.  Heavy, huh?

VO people are investing more time in FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, ostensibly on the urging of Terry Daniel and myself in what was hoped to be a persuasive presentation of the benefits of social networking for your voice-over business.

I’d like to think our talk had that kind of power…but really, most of those in attendance had some inkling there was a treasure-trove to be had online, they just needed a nudge.

I’m a big proponent of the potential of social media, but VOICE2010 was the butterfly effect that VOICE2008 set in motion.  That event two years ago, set up a wave that crashed ashore last weekend.  Email, Twitter, and FaceBook make for wonderful relationships, but they don’t replace a face-to-face encounters.  They’re practice.  Prologue.  Face-time is the result.  Humans are just built that way.

Terry and I met on the phone every week for two months.  We exchanged scads of emails. yet it was the synergy of our persons sharing the same space in the physical world that  had impact.  The result you saw onstage — in person — made a bigger, longer-lasting impression than ANY webinar, or teleseminar could EVER make.

So here’s a toast to the virtual world, and the entré it gives us to deeper meaning in the real world!

So keep the tweets, invitations, and notices coming…I’m ready for VOICE2011!




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